Municipal Solid Waste System

Municipal Solid Waste disposal presents a problem for communities around the world. Trash disposal is a universal problem. We can offer a customized solution that can turn these sites into productive centers of powerful energy production and recycling. Even the waste water can be treated and recovered to prevent water pollution at these sites. What a great way to clean up the environment, prevent disease, and create low cost green energy to support strong economic development.

  • Source segregation has never been absolutely successful anywhere in the world
  • Urban segregated waste generated can be processed by using new technologies develoepd byScalene Energy Research Institute (SERI)
  • These technologies are already in use globally
  • Waste is efficiently recovered into:
    • High quality grid grade natural gas
    • Refinery grade crude oil
    • Water treatment system
    • Natural bio-treatment high alkaloid agricultural pest repellant