Micro Plant

Can be ideal for Hotels, hospitals, small farms or small communities. This Seri Gas producer can be customized to produce electricity. Ideal for a pilot project.

  • USE - Hotels, hostels, small farms etc.
  • Mini plant with refinery
  • 500kg - 1500kg feed/day
  • Pure and clean – 24/7
  • Footprint 500kg Plant = 12.0m x 4.0m x 3m
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote access
  • No human intervention except manual feeding
  • Uses any organic waste (feed agnostic)
  • Generates upwards of 11 kg gas/day
  • Safe – storage at 0.2kg/sq.cm.
  • 1 unit of electricity to produce 1kg of gas
  • Government subsidy
  • Gas engine/ diesel engine conversion