Brief CV

  1. Degree of 1st Dan Black Belt in Karate
  2. Karate instructor to 100’s of students in the past
  3. Winner of the Science Olympiad in 1990
  4. National Diploma in Clinical Technology
  5. Bachelor of Technology Degree
  6. Doctor of Technology degree (supervisors Prof. Adam & Dr Nemlander)
  7. In 2014 the study was published in the Saudi Heart Medical Journal 

  1. 1st Cardiovascular Perfusionist in world with a Doctorate Degree in Cardiovascular Perfusion
  2. 1st person in any University of technology in Africa to achieve a conversion from a masters to doctorate
  3. CEO of South African External Counterpulsation.
  4. 1st External Counterpulsation Centre to perform ECP in Africa with HPCSA registration
  5. Certified Internal ECP Instructor
  6. Managing Director of Scalene South Africa (PTY) Ltd.
  7. Head of Dr Mohanlall & Partners Inc.
  8. Head of Centre for Advanced Medicine
  9. 1st in Africa and the Middle East to perform 3 Dimensional Vasculography on patients
  10. Certified 3DVG Instructor
  11. HPCSA accreditation as an ECP satellite training centre
  12. Currently have a signed MOU with DUT for future projects
  13. Have been invited to present at the ECP world congress in China
  14. Presented as an international guest speaker on ECP and 3DVG at the 25th Arab Cardiac Congress in Saudi Arabia in February 2014. approach-for-the-treatment-of-coronary-artery-disease-how-does-it-fit-in

Brief List of Accolades

1.) Provincial colours in Shotokan Karate in 1985
2.) 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan karate in 1988 graded under Japanese Master Kanazawa
3.) South African national winner of the science Olympiad in 1990
4.) Senior karate instructor in SKISA until 2008
5.) Diploma in Clinical Technology at ML Sultan Technikon 1996
6.) Senior Perfusionist at Wentworth Hospital in South Africa 1998
7.) BTech Degree in Cardiovascular Perfusion 2001
8.) Chief Perfusionist in charge at the Northwest Armed Forces Hospital in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia until 2008
9.) Received a Brass Plaque in commemoration of management excellence and contribution to the NWAFH.
10. Received 7 award winning pictures in large frames for contribution to the health of cardiac patients in Saudi by a photographic association known as "The Friends of Light"
11.) Masters Degree submission in 2008 with Masters converted to Doctorate (1st in any UOT in RSA)
12.) 1st in the world with a Doctor of Technology Degree in Cardiovascular Perfusion
13.) Open 1st Health Professions Council registered External Counterpulsation (ECP) centre in the history of South Africa in 2010.
14.) Signed MOU with Durban University of Technology to train students and renewable energy projects.
15.) Received training status from the HPCSA for ECP in 2014
16.) 1st in Africa to perform a new non invasive cardiovascular diagnostic known as 3 Dimensional Vasculography (3DVG) 2012
17.) Done more the 500 scans to date using 3DVG and treated more than 300 cardiac patients with ECP with a 90% success rate even after angiography, stents and bypass have failed.
18.) Appeared in the front page of Change Now Magazine in 2014
19.) International guest speaker at the 25 Saudi Heart Congress in Riyadh in 2014
20.) 1st to unravel cardiac Syndrome-X in 2014
21.) Elected as Vice Chair of the Clinical Technology Society 2015
22.) Invited to present to the Director General of Health in KZN in 2015
23.) CEO of Innovative Medical Solutions Inc.
24.) Managing Director of South African External Counterpulsation (SAECP)
25.) Managing Director of Scalene South Africa
26.) Father of 2 children (daughter named Arya and a son named Rikaar) with an Educator as a wife and guide (named Nishara).