Knee-JointOsteoarthritis is a disease that affects joints in the body. It can involve any joints, but usually concerns hands and weight-bearing joints such as hips, knees, feet and spine. It is caused by breakdown of the cartilage, the tissue that covers bones in a joint.

Cartilage is the tough elastic material that covers and protects the ends of bones. In healthy joints cartilage acts as a shock absorber when your weight is exerted on the joint. The slippery surface of the cartilage allows the bones to move smoothly. When a joint problem develops osteoarthritis the cartilage gradually wears out and the bone underneath thickens.

Cytotron® & Osteoarthritis

Cytotron® therapy for osteoarthritis uses RFQMR based Tissue Engineering, to regenerate the knee joint cartilage. RFQMR regenerates degenerated cartilage and relieves chronic pain and disability of Knee non-invasively with multi-frequency rotating quantum electromagnetic resonating beams. RFQMR can be an option for knee replacement surgery for patients who are unwilling or unable to have surgery. RFQMR produces high power multi frequency rotating quantum electromagnetic resonating beams in sub radio and radio frequencies that can be 'focused' on the site that requires to be treated. Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) technology utilizes highly complex quantum electromagnetic beams in the sub-radio and near-radio frequency spectrum. The beams are precisely controlled and focused onto tissues to alter the proton spin inside and outside the cells therein generating streaming voltage potentials. This alters the cellular transmembrane potential and creates a pathway to initiate the appropriate protein in stimulating cartilage growth.

The Simple Method of Treatment


  • Patient selection

  • Pre treatment tests

  • Patient lies on Cytotron® bed

  • Bed goes inside gantry

  • RFQMR Beam is focused on the affected joint

  • Dose: calculated & applied by the Cytotron machine

  • Duration of treatment: 30 to 60 minutes daily for 21 days, depending on the joint condition