SHYCOCAN – Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon disables air and surface-borne corona viruses (Press Release)

  • Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon ( or SHYCOCAN), prototype is designed for disabling active transmission of the Corona family of viruses, including COVID-19. It is not a plasma generator.

  • The Device fills an urgent unmet need for simple, portable, sensitive methodology to prevent mass outbreaks to safely get past indefinite social distancing.

  • Asymptomatic individuals and un-tested carriers are moving around for essential medical services & supplies, groceries etc.; the public is being exposed to atmospheric and surface contamination of infective COVID-19. Just hand washing, sanitizing and using PPEs will not prevent the spread of the virulent pandemic.

  • The negative charge-seeking guidance mechanism of the virus’ Spike Protein can be disabled and neutralized by an Electron Cloud of 10-100 trillion generated per second, covering an area at the rate of 64 cubic feet per minute.  Effective disabling of active virus particles in the air occurs and physically attenuates it.

  • Extremely high-intensity discharge of electrons relies on precision design and geometry of the radiating surfaces in the device.

  • Designs include devices with a throw across small or large areas (20 square meters to 100 square meters).

  • Our unique device with electron-mediated virulence transmission jamming mechanism can be readily and cost-effectively manufactured to meet the growing demand, on an emergency footing.