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CELLFORN® is a non-invasive, whole-body device for precisely targeted Drug Delivery

The CELLFORN® difference: Focused Resonance Nano-Permeabilization (FORN) helps deliver life-threatening toxic cancer chemotherapy ‘safely’, non-invasively,

and effectively to palliate and improve clinical outcome and Quality of Life

CELLFORN® – Non-Invasive, targeted, therapeutic drug delivery device

The new CELLFORN® Prototype Device

The new CELLFORN® Prototype Device

  • Uses modified principles of the QMRT platform

  • Effective, non-invasive targeted Drug Delivery

  • Uses standard principles of pharmacodynamics/ drug delivery kinetics

  • Delivers ANY pediatric & adult solid tumor specific therapeutic drugs

  • Large or small molecules drugs, parenterally infused or orally administered, can be precisely targeted.

  • Minimal or no adverse drug effects were reported or observed in blood and bone marrow parameters tested after targeted drug delivery.

  • US Patent – US9616245 – Issued April 11th, 2017

CELLFORN® enabled patient-centric benefits

  • Enables Cancer Chemotherapy in both adults and pediatric patients

  • Minimizes systemic toxicities

  • High patient compliance for cancer chemotherapy

  • Traverses Blood Brain Barrier

The QMRT platform technology can also be used to deliver an electromagnetic force with strong, embedded, variable radio signals to induce Focused Resonance Nano-permeabilization (FORN) to selectively target multiple lesions in the whole body with parenteral or oral drugs used in standard of care cancer treatment. Transient permeabilization of cells by radiofrequency (RF) mediated pulses to target lesions allows drug(s) to be optimally internalized based on pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic parameters like drug molecular weight, peak plasma concentration of drug/active metabolite and drug wash-out time.

What CELLFORN® does

All solid tumors, irrespective of pathological sub-type or grade, can be resonated with customized, high, instantaneous magnetic fields and radio frequency (RF), followed by nano-second signals which penetrate only resonating cells to induce cellular nanopermeabilization, non-invasively. This protocol allows for extremely accurate QMR dosing for therapeutic purposes. FORN can be achieved using a safe, non-ionizing extraneous RF and MR source to permeate tractable and intractable tumors by creating molecular dimension-specific transient pores in the cell membrane of tumor cells. Both large and small molecule (oral and parenteral) therapeutics can be safely targeted and delivered using FORN. It is known that electroporation of cultured cells potentiates cytotoxicity of various chemotherapy agents and other targeted molecules. This potentiation can be highly customized using FORN and the pharmacokinetics of any drug administered. FORN technology can potentiate antitumor effectiveness of drugs several fold and can be precisely localized and targeted without implanting any electrodes, probes or invasive nano-particles to deliver drug payloads.

Cell Permeabilization Schematic

Cell Permeabilization Schematic


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