Scalene South Africa is a member company of Scalene Cybernetics Limited. Scalene Cybernetics Limited is a research organization involved in cutting edge medical technologies like RFQMR (Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance), 3D-CCG (Three Dimensional Cardiovascular Cartography), Trans-Aortic Signal Wave Modulation (TASWM) and Flow Turbulence Accelerometry (FTA) and medical nanotechnology.

Scalene SA is responsible for disseminating the research outcomes and implementing the commercial initiatives of Organization de Scalene in South Africa, Mauritius and the African continent. This includes lectures at medical conferences, seminars, manufacturing and sale of the machines, training of personnel and post-sale services such as maintenance and repairs.

The machines are manufactured in India and in Malaysia. Malaysia is being developed as a hub for the Asia Pacific region, where emphasis will be given to manufacturing and training of personnel who are directly involved in the treatment of patients. The outcome of these research initiatives are manufactured in India, Malaysia, South Africa, Netherlands, and United States of America. Scalene South Africa is being the development as a gateway to Africa.