The Machine

cytotron_864Cytotron® is the trade name given to a device that uses Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) which has been developed by Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), a division of Scalene Cybernetics in Bangalore, India. It is a new device used in regenerative and degenerative tissue engineering and repair. The Cytotron® is now being used for treating diseases like Osteoarthritis and Cancer. The treatment modality is non-invasive, painless and free from side effects. In the Clinical studies it has been demonstrated that Cytotron® is very effective in treating certain conditions such as a damaged knee by regenerating the cartilage tissue in Osteoarthritis or stopping and reversing the growth of a tumor in cancer.

Science Involved

spectrum1RFQMR produces high powered multi-frequency, high energy spinning quantum electromagnetic beams in the lower end of the EM spectrum in the Sub-Radio and Near-Radio Frequencies. In this frequency range, the effects are predominantly non-thermal because the intensity is not high enough to significantly change tissue temperature. Non-thermal effects are direct interactions of RF with biological cells. The Cytotron Device will deliver the programmed precise dose of RF beams in the 1 KHz to 300 MHz Band in the presence of high instantaneous magnetic field, ranging between a few micro seconds to a few mille seconds which is then focused in the near field, using special antennae. CARD engineers by simulation established that, when a biological Cell is exposed to such HF / RF under an instantaneous magnetic field it should alter many cell parameters, including its resting Trans Membrane Potentials (TMP). Cellular activity is closely linked with the TMP. TMP plays an Important role in the synthesis of proteins and it plays a significant role in the basic mechanism of mitosis (cell division) control. Powerful Mathematical Models and real time simulation in combination with MRI data of the tissue is used to precisely alter transmembrane potentials of target tissue. Altering the Trans Membrane Potential (TMP) is a complex process. Trans Membrane Potential of various cells are :- to -90 mV is the TMP in Healthy Cells. to -60 mV when Infected. to -30 mV in Cancer when the Cell dies.

The Operation

cytotron_tumor_1There are 864 Guns in a Cytotron RFQMR (new whole body machine), that shoot RF beams, that are precisely focused on the target area. These beams alter the cell membrane potential, thus starting or stopping Cell Division (Mitosis) in a controlled manner. The desired exposure characteristics (like the cartilage to bone gap, skin to cartilage distance, Name, age, gender, height and weight etc.,) are fed into the computer. The computer then computes various wave front and spin frequencies, pulse amplitudes, field strength etc.,that is required to be modulated on carrier RF signal. There after the operator precisely focuses the beams on the required site. Currently 3 Clinical Trials on 490 patients treated with RFQMR for Osteoarthritis and Cancer have been completed with outstanding outcomes. The Cytotron System is CE approved under the medical devices directive (MDD) as a Class 11 A device. It has been cleared regarding the relative safety standards in India. Several systems have been positioned in different countries to provide health care services.

The Inventor

dr_kumarThe team that developed Cytotron® after years of research at CARD was headed by Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar. Dr Kumar is a pioneering researcher and an opinion leader in the field of Biophysics and Radiobiology. Specialised in Medical Engineering, he has worked for more than fifteen years on regenerative tissue engineering and high speed biological data acquisition, modelling and simulation of the human cardiovascular system. The many patents held by him include the Realistic Geometry Cartographic Imaging (RGCI) which finds applications from medical science to tsunami detection, and the Cytotron® which is considered an important milestone in radiobiology and tissue engineering. His work on Nanotechnology has sparked off a new technique in selective tissue destruction with a "nanoblaster" that is undergoing laboratory trials. He is currently the Director and Chief Scientific Officer of the Centre for Advanced Research & Development (CARD) and the Chairman of Scalene Cybernetics Limited, Bangalore, India.

Cytotron® Approved Centres

Cytotron® Approved Centres use original CARD protocol, periodically calibrated, upgraded and supported by the Scalene Research Team.

Sibia Medical Centre,Ludhiana, Punjab.

Safe Health, Erramanzil Colony, Hyderabad.

Samarpan General Hospital, Jamnagar.

Centre for Joint Rejuvenation, New Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

Ojus Niramaya Clinic, Bangalore.

Care Plus, Bangalore.

BodiHarmoni Energy Centre c/o Care Nexus Sdn Bhd, Taman Subang Perdana, Shah Alam.

Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

CytoGen Centre, Karachi.

CytoGen Clinic, Lahore.

Arasmus University, Netherlands

Al aman University, Saudi Arabia

Many more hospitals are in the process of purchasing at present.