Scientific Research

The scientific research on therapeutic uses of the electromagnetic spectrum dates back on the 19th Century and one of the pioneers was the gifted scientist Nikola Tesla and Sir JC Bose. Bose was the first scientist to say that radio frequency can alter transmembrane potential. Tesla saw the healing potential of high-frequency currents and wrote an article in 1898 titled "High Frequency Oscillators for Electromagnetic Spectrum and Other Purposes. Since then several outstanding scientists evaluated the healing effects of electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Recent Research Projects at CARD

Multiple Sclerosis

A study is underway to study the efficacy of the Cytotron in Multiple Sclerosis. Interested patient may refer to: to know more about the study

Type II Diabetes Mellitus

A final study has shown excellent glycaemic control in patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus. A new proposal has been submitted to conduct a large scale study in patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus. The details of the trials will be announced soon.

Chronic Non-healing Ulcer

It has always been a dream of the inventor of Cytotron to see that the Cytotron can do multi organ regeneration that still occurs in primitive animals. An anecdotal case of accidentally amputated adult toe was regenerated. Hence it has been proposed on conducting a controlled trial on chronic non healing ulcers, severe battle bullet injuries and burn injuries.